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In a Microsoft Domain Name Management Blunder, They Almost Lost Their Domain Name. Don't Lose Yours.

Take a look at this article link. Microsoft was able to divert a serious mishap because the person that picked up their UK domain name was kind enough to give it back without a struggle.

Microsoft Domain Name Management Blunder

To ensure that you will never lose your domain name(s) you must set up a smart domain name management system. Consider the following...

1. Set up a business process that includes maintaining a list of all your domains with the expiration dates next to them. Look at it at least once per year. Keep your registrar, user name, and password, handy so you can check or change status as needed.

2. Confirm that all of your contact information is correct in the whois database at your registrar. Your correct and current email address is especially important, because registrars use email to notify you of expirations or required actions about your domain name.

Personaweb Services Include...

3. If you have dormant domain names, why not point them to your active web site. Extra traffic never hurts and there are plenty of people around the world that "type in" domain names to find what their looking for. If your spare domain names don't apply to your regular web site, consider pointing them to revenue generating affiliate programs or advertisers.

4. If you have a large base of employees, some of which register domain names, set a policy that they report all domain registrations for the company to a central depository and keep good records. Many important company domain names have been lost to departing employees because the employee listed their personal email address as the "Administrative Contact" and took the domain with them when they left the company.

5. Consolidate your domains in one account at one registrar to make the job of managing your domain names easier. You can do this all at, our wholesale domain registration and service web site. New domain registrations and transfers are only $9.95 per year (com, net, & org). makes domain name management a simple process.

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