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To protect your productivity and your computer, you have to control your spam. You can't really stop spam. You can't control the fools that send it out every day. But there are tools that can help you to manage and control it more efficiently; tools that save you time.

One of my favorites is Cloudmark. Cloudmark is a community of email users, many thousands strong, that work together to report spam as soon as they get it by using the Cloudmark toolbar. It costs $39.95 per year, per user (as of this writing) with discounts for larger groups of users. It works with MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, and also at the server level for larger companies.

It keeps up with the ever changing spammers by collaboration between email recipients. These are becoming the best kinds of tools today; tools that update on their own. Trust me when I say, that Cloudmark is a best of breed tool to control spam. You can order and install it online right here.

Six to eight times each year, I run a class for the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center called Succeeding Online. I keep a page online with a list of resources you can refer to that will help you to do just that. Its very brief but gives the interested party all the online tools necessary to really beat the competition.

Many successful online merchants have no desire to give out their secrets, but the information is out there for those that are willing to mine for it. Visit Succeeding for details.

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