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Building a Quality Real Estate Agent Web Sites

If you are a real estate agent and want to do well with a web site, there are a few important things to remember.

1. Your real estate agent web site should contain good original content and information on the area that you are marketing properties in. Your content should be original and it should have plenty of the kinds of information that your viewers would typically ask about.

2. There are a lot of web site developers that build real estate agent template style web sites for realtors, but what usually happens is that your site ends up reading a lot like the other realtors in your area and your customers / viewers end up seeing the same thing on your site that they see on many other realtors in your area.

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3. The same thing applies to the look of your site. Shop around for a web site designer that can give you your own unique look. You want a designer that will reflect your personal or business image. A real estate agent web site should reflect your own look, feel, and values.

4. Try to team up with other business people and/or real estate agents who have web sites and offer links to each other. You want to find people who are after the same customers that you deal with but that don't directly compete with you. If you can partner with successful realtors in other cities and towns, that would be ideal and you should link to each other's sites as well. Everyone is using portals like Why not break from the pack.

We have built a site for Pam Wood at . She's had good success bringing in new business through her real estate agent web site.. We gathered information on all the surrounding cities in our area and provided links to that data directly on the site. You can see an example of how we profiled each city here:

Example of Chino City Profile

The Internet is an awesome way to build your real estate business. If you do it right and break from the pack, you can follow the hundreds of realtors around the country who have made the web a big part of their business. Just make sure that you follow these simple rules for a successful real estate agent web site.

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